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A Story of Community

Welcome to Holysticks, an online hub for community connection, holistic learning, and wellness. At Holysticks, we aspire to offer space for the sacred to come through in the everyday. We believe that a holistic lifestyle creates a balanced, joyful life and we aim to offer resources and opportunities to inspire, support, and make the everyday feel enchanting. Magic lives in the everyday choices we make, the moments in between, and the little things that make life worth living. 



Behind the Offerings

Holysticks was inspired by a love of holism, everyday magic, and the sense that education is a lifepath. I'm Samantha and I'm excited to offer this little online hub of offerings. At the moment, there are free monthly meditations available, wellness sessions, and holistic marketing & branding consultation. I look forward to adding in more community offerings and events through the community hub in the future. 

I feel passionately about living life holistically. This means I seek to integrate my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical worlds in connection with my communities. I draw on my experiences living and working in various holistic education centers around the world. I'm passionate about the benefits of an ecovillage lifestyle, learning for its own sake, and finding meaning in everyday moments. I invite you to drop in and discover the path that is most resonant for you. I feel we each have truths deep within ourselves and its an everyday joy to allow what is calling us to come forward. I encourage you to join in through meditation and participation. You can subscribe here to discover offerings as they arise.



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If you're feelin the groove please do 'buy us a book'! Part of our ethos is that we want loving people to get paid for their creative, kind work in the world. Small gestures like supporting small businesses generate energy in that direction. If you decide to buy us a book, we'll take it as a sign of joyful appreciation. If you just wanna go to the 'library,' we still think you're pretty rad✧


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