✧Ethical Gifts & Offerings from Small Businesses, Creative Entrepreneurs & Beautiful People✧

Gabriella DiGiovanni✧Yoga & Rustic Pottery

Gabriella DiGiovanni is a 500 hour trained Dharma Yoga teacher. 

Through her intensive training, 11 years of practice, and 6 years of teaching, Gabriella has developed a strong sense for supporting the growth of her students. She understands the importance of self discipline, and encourages her students to push beyond self-imposed limitations. Gabriella understands that with practice, anything is possible. 

You can become a patron to take pre-recorded classes with her at any time, as well as live classes via Zoom. If you have any questions about how her Patreon works, you can get in touch with Gabriella at

For Ceramics check out Palenville Pottery! 

Nat Osborn

Nat Osborn is a Brooklyn-based songwriter, composer, and producer. Nat leads the seven-piece funk-pop ensemble Nat Osborn Band and the indie-folk ensemble Hawthorne as well as being the musical director for the soul-rock band Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.  

When 2020 took it's wild turn, Nat found himself quarantined on a beautiful remote island in Nova Scotia, where he proceeded to write, record, and release a song a week for three months.  You can hear that collection (and more) on his bandcamp page.

Follow Nat on Instagram for live stream concerts and a number of upcoming new releases.

Listen to Nat Osborn Band on Spotify and follow the band on Facebook.

If you'd like to contribute for the performance:

Venmo: @Nat-Osborn


WildShe✧Energy Activated Jewelry

WildShe Jewelry celebrates women, natural living, the Earth and the Divine.

To find handmade jewelry with stones and crystals charged through nature, and to learn about stone activations, visit

Facebook @WildSheJewelry

Instagram @WildSheJewelry

Discount Code for 15% off during this holiday market: MARKET.

✧Three Sisters Herbals, LLC✧

Herbal Skin Care and Essential Oil Products,

Natural Ingredients Advocate

Skin Care and Soaps

Health and Wellness

Gifts and Subscriptions

Handcrafted with Love Since 2007

Contact us:

Visit our website to view our complete product selection:

Facebook: threesistersherbals

Instagram and Twitter: @3sistersherbals

Norn Weaving

Norn Weaving, handwoven in the Catskills!

Handwoven shawls, scarves, bags, and more. 

Please check the Facebook page for all items that are ready to ship.

Questions, or if you’re dreaming of something custom, please contact me:


Samantha Halitzer 

Holistic Branding & Marketing- Subscribe for Upcoming Events

Energy Intuitive - Book a Session

Monthly Meditations (Free Offering) - Next One Live on Friday at 11:11am

✧Upcoming: Community Hub & Events

✧Instagram: @samanthazee for information & updates! If you love what's going on here with this market, you can stay in touch and subscribe or 'buy a book' to say thanks! It's a great way to support a small business to keep producing resources, learning opportunities and fun ways to connect!

Michelle Castro✧The Energy of Reiki

The Energy of Reiki can be found on Instagram @the_energy_of_reiki

On Facebook or you can reach me by email

I offer Distance Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angelic Healing, Oracle Card readings, distance room/house clearing, & Reiki infused shrugs & scarves.

Gather Brooklyn✧Demi-Fine Jewelry


A demi-fine jewelry line made for strong women, by strong women.

Gather Brooklyn is a jewelry company that supports women to connect to their strength, join an empowered sisterhood, and discover the everyday rituals that give life meaning. Gather hosts monthly Women’s Gatherings online to offer a supportive network from wherever you are in the world.

Visit to shop the jewelry, masks and join our online gatherings.

Jackie Ingham✧In Good Hands

Shamanic Healing, Massage & Holistic Therapy. Book Online & In-Person Sessions HERE

With 25 years of experience as a holistic practitioner, I have always had an interest in natural therapies. I invite you to explore the offerings on my site and reach out. 

Tambini Pottery by Amanda Petersmith

Check out the collection here.

Please reach out to me at for commissions and inquiries. Thank you for your interest! 

About Amanda:

Amanda is a mama to 14 month old beautiful twins and uses pottery as a peaceful sanctuary to retain the feeling of centeredness. She has casually been making pots for over 15 years. Amanda approaches the wheel with very little planning ahead of time (contrary to everything else she does in life), she lets her mind and hands take control to create. She is currently living and creating in Venice, CA, and always happy to talk shop. 

Analise Parkins✧Shine Brightly Wellbeing

Crystal Therapist & Designer of Gemstone jewelry infused with love and healing. Commissions welcome. You can view my pieces here, feel free to reach out with inquiries. 

I offer workshops including women's circles, chakra dancing, crystal courses and laughter yoga. Follow me on Facebook for upcoming events. 

Instagram: @shinebrightlywellbeing

Sarah Wilkinson

Yellow Lotus Flower by Jen Myzel

A children’s sing-a-long book about blossoming through difficult times (with foreword by author and elder, Joanna Macy)

Check out the online bookshop here. All books 15% off for the holidays.

Yellow Lotus Flower is a stunning children’s sing-a-long book about grief and resilience, written by singer-songwriter and elementary school teacher, Jen Myzel. Yellow Lotus Flower cracks open the hearts of children and adults alike.  In these times of environmental and political turmoil, this book provides an essential message that the darkness is a natural and necessary part of our transformation.

Cameron Grayson

Visionary Artist ✧ Breathwork ✧ Authentic Life Coach

Original Paintings 

Prints and Merchandise 

Breath Therapy and Authentic Life Coaching Packages  

For more info

or contact

For this market: 40% off of original paintings and select items on Society6:

Little Moon Wellness

One on One Coaching Session  

Women’s Healing Circles (starting in February) 

Events or littlemoonwellness on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Paula Rand Vocal Studio

Online & In-Person Voice Lessons. You can view my page here for more info & inquiries. 

I am a classically trained private voice teacher with 20+ years experience. My focus is on translating the mechanics of singing into visual and physical cues to develop technique across operatic, contemporary, and belt focused styles. My students have gone on to become professionals on Broadway, TV/Radio, and Opera, but I have many non-professional students as well! My focus is on improving technique for whatever goals my students need or want to attain. 

Inspired Art by Swan Treasure

You can view five selections of this intuitively inspired touch-drawn series, created at Findhorn in Scotland. 

For this holiday occasion, I will be offering special pricing before they go on sale to the larger public. Please view here for the paintings, information, and further inquiries. 




We’re Raffling off two 1:1 sessions-

1 Holistic Marketing Power Hour Q&A

1 Energy Work & Reading

Both will be offered by Samantha Halitzer, the woman behind the lovable madness of this event.

Proceeds will go to creating events like this one! 

We will also gift 11% of proceeds of the raffle to our favorite charity, Tomorrow Tomorrow, Inc. of the Hudson Valley. This charity helps animals in need, particularly horses and goats.

To enter: Contribute $3 on Ko-Fi: Include a private message with your first name, email and which session you would like to win (Marketing or Energy Work). If you choose to become a monthly member, that will count as 5 entries. You can enter as many times as you’d like. Thanks for your interest in Holysticks and what’s happening today!


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