Inspired Art: Nature Beings & Spirits from Findhorn

These images came through in 2018. They are only now being released because they were part of the selection process for the Findhorn Spirit Oracle Deck that will be published next year by Findhorn Press.

These pieces are made using a technique called Touch Drawing in which no brushes are used. Hands and nails draw lines on very thin paper laid on top of a board on which oil colour is spread. Afterwards, some watercolour touches were added using brushes and sometimes a bit of white acrylic colour.

Touch-drawing is very intuitive, there is nothing predefined about painting with this technique and therefore I was able to open a space for energetic connection. Many Spirit Beings and Nature Spirits made themselves available for a direct interaction that was translated into images on paper.

I am happy to answer any questions about this process or about the paintings on sale at this online holistic market. If the piece is calling to you, please do reach out and let's have a conversation.



The Conversation

The Conversation ---.JPG
Buddha Nature ---.JPG

Buddha Nature

Divine Child

Divine Child ----.JPG
Play with Me ----.JPG

Play With Me

Spirit of Serenity

Spirit of Serenity ----.JPG

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